One Remark on the Discursiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility

Most companies are talking a lot about CSR (i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility). Many of them are champions in terms of communication and public relations. Some invest a huge amount of money in special advertising campaigns in order to ‘raise awareness’ around their CSR actions/projects. In this context, 99% of these companies talk about “shared responsibility”, “shared obligations”, “convergent actions”, “combined actions”, “changing products to change consumer’s behavior”, “responsible consumer” and so on.

Unfortunately, 99% of the population exposed to this powerful discourse fail to see what is behind these words. Actually, 99% of these 99% don’t even care. As long as some steps towards pollution reduction or employee rights enforcing are taken, they are happy with the discourse. Companies need to talk about their actions in order to survive, right?!

The reality is totally different from the nice discourse. In fact, through this kind of discourse (see above), companies move most or at least some considerable part of their responsibility on the shoulders of every citizen. Why? Because it is a smart thing to do: whenever the people are not satisfied with what you do in terms of social responsibility, make them part of the same responsibility. They will be more willing to believe you! This is the way to move from your obligation to recycle the plastic cups you sell your coffee with to everyone’s obligation to protect the planet, whatever that may be.

What are you ready to believe?!

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