[CFP] Bucharest Conference in Applied Ethics 2010: “Legislating Ethics”

“Legislating Ethics”
October 29-30, 2010

What is a moral rule? How can an ethical norm become a legal rule? Is there a general tendency of translating moral prescriptions into laws? Can an ethical code produce legal effects directly? But what about other kinds of internal regulations dealing with moral behavior of employees, managers, board members et al.? These are only a few of the questions the BCAE ’10 participants will try to answer on October 29 and 30, 2010.

This year edition is being organized by Smart Solutions & Support, Romania, and the Research Centre in Applied Ethics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, with the support of the Romanian National Civil Servants Agency, the Romanian Commission for Bioethics from UNESCO, Dinu Patriciu Foundation.

General topics that might guide the specialists interested in delivering presentations at BCAE ’10:
• Moral Norm, Legal Norm. Is still a moral rule one that has become a legal rule? What make a moral rule or a legal one? What is moral content and legal content?
• Is still an ethics code one that has been transformed into a law and adopted by the Parliament? What legal force can have and ethics code?
• Why legal people ignore the moral background of their rules?
• What moral force can have standards like ISO 26000, AA1000 or SA8000? Do they have any moral content? Can Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (GRI, FairTrade etc.) promote morality within organizations or a moral behavior on their behalf?

The BCAE has been developed as a debate platform, where theorists and practicians meet together and discuss the most important topics in the fields of Applied Ethics. The main aim of these conferences is the advancement of significant solutions for the real world.

Early submissions are highly encouraged. This way, the prospective participants may receive the acceptance letters faster.

Prospective participants must send final papers to the conference organizers by September 30, 2009. Papers will circulate before conference and will be temporarily published on the official website. After the conference, a selection of the presented papers will be published in the BCAE Proceedings.

Official language is English, but there will be a Romanian speaking panel.

All papers must observe the editorial guidelines and must be prepared for blind-review (one Word file containing the title, author’s name, and an English 200-words abstract + a separate Word file containing the title, the abstract and the paper).

There is no participation fee, but the participants will have to manage on their own traveling and accommodation costs.

All correspondence should be sent to: info@bcae.ro
Official website: www.bcae.ro


  1. Acum se discuta locul de desfasurare. Asa cum am spus anul trecut, vrem sa iesim cu ea din cadrul academic astfel incat sa nu se mai sperie lumea de “teoreticieni”. :) Voi publica pe blog si comunicatul de presa si alte informatii, dar la momentul in care vom finaliza pregatirile.

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