2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum

The Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum (RECF), February 11, 2016, is the first regular event taking place in Romania for Ethics & Compliance professional comunity. The 2016 Edition will bring together approximately 100 participants from various industries and 12 keynote speakers, experts in Ethics & Compliance, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption, Risk Management and Non-Financial Reporting. If you join today, you will get a 30% discount of the regular participation fee.

RECF 2016 comes after the 1st Romanian Compliance Conference (“The Risks and Costs of Non-Compliance”; February 7, 2012; Romanian Banking Institute, Bucharest), hosted by Bliss Romania, and Business Ethics and Compliance Conference 2013 (“Public Policies Stimulating Business Ethics and Compliance”; February 27, 2013; Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bucharest) organized by Center for Legal Resources.

The 2016 Edition is being organized by the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics on behalf of the European Ethics & Compliance Association, which will be officially launched at the end of this year, and as a preamble to 2016 European Ethics & Compliance Forum (November 10-11, 2016).

Several embassies, bilateral chambers of commerce and NGOs are supporting this edition. British Embassy Bucharest, the Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Center for Legal Resources are the first to join our efforts to promote integrity in Romanian business sector and strengthen the Ethics & Compliance professional community.

This event is opened to anyone who fits in any of the following categories:
• Ethics & Compliance Officers – Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers
• Compliance Officers – Compliance Specialists
• Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
• Fraud Prevention Officers
• Risk Officers – Risk Consultants
• Internal Control Specialists
• Integrity Officers – Anti-Corruption Officers
• Ethics Counselors
• Auditors (Risk / Ethics & Compliance / Compliance)
• Human Resources Officers
• Compliance Lawyers
• Financial Experts
• Personnel of national offices for Money Laundering Prevention, Anti-Corruption Fighting, Justice, Social Responsibility, Labour and Equal Opportunities, Fiscal Administration
• Social Responsibility Specialists – Sustainability Specialists – Community Affairs Specialists – Philanthropy Specialists
• Social Auditors – Supply Chain Auditors
• Independent consultants in any of the above fields

Every participant will receive the 1st issue of the “Ethics & Compliance Mag” (ECMag), a specialized magazine with close circulation. ECmag cannot be found in stores, in libraries or on the Internet.

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