Promoting Intolerance Is Not an Ethical Way of Doing Journalism

ATTN: The Sun and all mass-media industry in UK

Dear Editors,

I am sure you do not need anyone to show you how hypocritical you are when you print press articles saying UK will be faced with an invasion of Romanians and Bulgarians after January 1, 2014. A lot of people have already did that and you did not change a bit. I am not going to waste my time doing the same. You seem more like an unleashed bull and no one can reason with you. It would be pointless.

What I want to say is this: you should keep your mouth shut about press quality and freedom of the press whenever these two topics are discussed. What you did in the past five years was to promote intolerance towards Romanians and Bulgarians, towards Gypsy/Roma population, towards immigrants in general. This way of doing journalism is not ethical because it affects the human dignity of the people you present daily in your publications.

You express intolerance in various forms and you do not care to tell the truth. For example, you say that Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants profit from the British social system, but you never say anything about the taxes paid by these immigrants.

Moreover, your propaganda looks very much like the Nazi propaganda during the WWII.

You ask your prime-minister “to draw a red line on immigration or else”; just like the Nazi leaders of opinion asked Hitler “to draw a red line on the Jews”. It seem you did not learn anything from that moment of great suffering. Your are afraid of the Other and hope your government will close the borders, just like the Nazis were afraid of the Jews and hoped for their isolation.

What is different in putting a sign on someone’s arm to identify him/her as Jew and putting the stigmata on a big building? Do you really think Romanians and Bulgarians will continue to visit London or UK in general if you keep saying they should be isolated? The next step is to ask for their exclusion.

Now, imagine how you would feel if the Romanian or/and Bulgarian press wrote daily that Britons are ignorant, that British women are heavy-weight drinkers and sluts, that British men are devils with piercings and tattoos, that your hotels and services are no better than Romanian public toilet services. But these statements are all flawed because their represented a logical fallacy called the ‘faulty generalization‘ or ‘hasty generalization‘.

You need to put an end to this wave of intolerance. You need to show you are civilized as you claim. You need to show the same respect we show to your fellow citizens.

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