European CSR Lessons 2012 begins today!

The second edition of the European CSR Lessons will take place today and tomorrow in Bucharest, Romania. The whole event is based on the idea of having some companies and their stakeholders debating on what Social Responsibility means to them. It is not what everyone calls a “theoretical” debate, but a series of corporate presentations sharing the experience on Romanian and foreign organizations and two open sessions where the speakers talk freely with the audience about “The Lessons of the Economic Crisis: can there be profit or technological progress without responsibility?” and “What should be the relationship among companies, society and local communities?”

I am going to write about this event directly from the conference location. But I am not going to talk about everything that happens there. I will try to select the things I find interesting and give a special, personal review. This blog is not a radio station broadcasting some talks, it is a place where some ideas get a critical review. If you think my interpretation or my perspective over what one speaker or another says, just live me a comment and I will respond!

Dragos Dehelean and his team should be congratulated for their efforts to prepare this second edition.

A glimpse of the conference room last year

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