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Research Papers Request

My research always takes me on strange ways. And in many of those cases, my library and on-line resources cannot keep up with the need. So, I find myself trapped in a mouse cage, looking at the cheese, knowing it’s there, but without the means to get to it. In order to avoid such situations, I have created this post where I pledge people working in the same research areas to contribute with an electronic version to my investigations. Of course, such help will not remain without a response; usually, I mention my benefactors at the beginning of my research papers or as footnotes. Sometime, I get the chance to return the favour. Still, in other cases, I manage to keep up a good collaboration with those benefactors interested in exchange of ideas.

So, if you are interested in giving a hand out or you have a spare copy of one of the entries given below, we will be happy to get in touch with you.

Last update: 2010/02/24


  • DONATI, S. — An Anonymous Commentary on the “De generatione et corruptione” from the years before the Paris Condemnations of 1277; “Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales”; vol. 65, 1998, nr. 2, pp. 194-247.
  • SHARPLES, R.W. (ed.) — Whose Aristotle? Whose Aristotelianism; Ashgate, 1992.
  • VUILLEMIN-DIEM, Gudrun & Marwan Rashed — Burgundio de Pise et ses manuscrits grec d’Aristote. Laur. 87.7 et Laur. 81.18; in “Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales”, vol. 64, 1997, nr. 1, pp. 136-168.


  • LOFTS, S.G. & P.W. Rosemann (eds.) — Editer, traduire, interpretér: essais de méthodologie philosophique; Peeters, 1997.


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