[CFP] Globalization and Ethics

Call for chapter proposals:
Globalization and Ethics
(Information Age Publishing, 2010)
Editors:       Charles Wankel, St John’s University, New York
Shaun Malleck, University of California, Irvine

Call for chapter proposals.  Submission due November 11, 2009

Chapter proposals are solicited on all topics and issues related to globalization and ethics in this multidisciplinary volume.  Examples of topics and issues include:

  • Global ethics,  ethical critiques of globalization, digitalization and global ethics, the formation of global ethical norms, global information ethics, global environmental ethics, poverty alleviation, ethical sustainability, feminist perspectives on global ethics,  local ethics in a global world, relational ethics in global commerce, hunger and globalization, the impact of globalization on social capital, the impact of globalization on women/minorities/and other underrepresented socio-economic classes, business strategy in a global frame’s ethical implications, the global reach of companies and educational institutions, the impacts of global companies on various developing nations, globalization and genetic engineering, the globalization of reproductive medicine, globalization and regulatory problems, 21st century cosmopolitanism, the global order, the world as a global village, the disappearance of boundaries, global morality, cultural and religious conflicts, culture and global networks, global values, the impact of globalization on wage distribution, world government, the impact of globalization on fairness, the role of consumers in developed countries, product development, and marketing, the global economy, the global marketplace, global awareness, globalization of industries, global supply chains, global tourism, the UN Global Compact, the connection of global scale and business transparency, global commercial relationships, the global code of conduct for business.

Proposals of any length are welcome.  However, longer ones are preferred to overly brief ones.  Also, include brief biographies of all the authors of your chapter.  These should include a listing of (1) current institutional affiliation and rank, (2) terminal degree and institution awarding it, and (3) a listing of related publications and presentations.

Chapter proposals due:   November 11, 2009.
Chapter drafts due:   April 11, 2010.
Editorial review of chapter drafts completed:    May 11, 2010.
Final revision of chapter due:   July 11, 2010.
Page proofs anticipated:   October 25, 2010.
Page proof corrections due:   November , 2010.
Anticipated publication date:   November 11, 2010.
Send your chapter proposals and brief biographies to both Charles Wankel wankelc@stjohns.edu and Shaun Malleck smalleck@uci.edu .

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