David Vose, Risk Analysis (3rd ed.) – sample chapter

For those interested in Risk Analysis and Risk Management, the name of David Vose is well-known. For those not knowing him, all I have to say is that he is the author of “Risk Analysis: A Quantitative Guide”, published by John Wiley & Sons publishing house. He is also the owner of Vose Consulting, the best company in risk analysis.

David Vose, Risk Analysis (3rd edition)
David Vose, Risk Analysis (3rd edition)

If you want a sample chapter of Vose’s “Risk Analysis”, here is an useful link:

Many of his remarks apply also to Ethics & Compliance risks. My “Handbook for Ethics & Compliance Officers, Part 2: Internal Audit Techniques” already contains a section dedicated to this topic, where some consideration is given to Vose’s contribution to the field of Risk Analysis.

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